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Swaroop Tech Services Pvt. Ltd has immense experience in training and volunteering scientists as well as engineers in the techniques processes as well as product development. We conduct Custom Training depending on the client’s needs to employees at all levels who are engaged in the manufacturing, storage, and distribution of pharmaceutical products.


Swaroop Tech Services approach to providing training is by defining the necessary skills, capabilities, and qualifications needed to perform a given role, and developing these in a language that is appropriate to the individual, so that employers will be able to access advancement in their chosen career pathways, encouraging a lifelong approach to learning and career development.

Our training courses have been appreciated and approved by many Reputed Pharma Industries like Ranbaxy, Dr.Redys labs, Divis Labs and Universities, etc. to make sure that they are of the highest quality, consistent with international standards, and are designed to support continuous professional development programs. Many of our training programs are utilized to prepare representatives for the examinations for professional qualifications and are recognized as part of your continued professional development. Further “Inter National Achievers Conference Awarded to Swaroop Tech Services for Fastest Growing Indian Company Excellence Award.” in 2018.


Our commitment to the client and the delegates does not end when the training is finished. We encourage organizations and individuals to get in touch with us if they face any issues. We can assist with explaining issues further, problem-solving, guidance on where to find relevant documents, and further reading.

Some silent features of our training are listed below:

  • We offer training to the participants with the help of our software SigmaTech. The theory of the techniques used in the training is explained in brief followed by its application along with suitable case study presentations so that the participants can see the relevancy of the techniques and get enthused in its applications on a day to day job.
  • We enable you to understand the evolution of QbD from Six Sigma, principles of ICH Q8. Help identify the requirements of the clients.
  • Swaroop Tech Services team of consultants has expertise in quality throughout the pharma business and other life science areas, covering many fields of Quality including GMPs, GDP, GCPs, and GLPs.
  • Performance measures for improvement, determination of Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs) with respect to product quality, efficacy, and patent safety.
  • Identification of the risks, relative risk matrix analysis, failure mode risk analysis, and hypothesis testing.
  • Explain the principles of DOE, type, and selection of designs and optimizing the designs to manufacture better quality products.


Facilitate team building for new product development.

  • Develop and deliver customized technical pharmaceutical training and enterprise-wide system administration training.
    We encourage our participants to bring their projects which are under consideration for development so that it can be for discussing during the training session to arrive at the systematic solution.
  • We plan out the variables as well as their levels for systematic experimentation as one of the most complex issues for which the templates are available to capture the information during the training period.
  • Swaroop Tech Services industry experience allows us to jump-start your project and as a trusted advisor, we share successful training strategies and creative approaches to help you achieve your learning objectives as well as optimize the designs to manufacture better quality products.


Ready to discuss your training needs? Schedule a call with us, so we can learn about your objectives and goals and know each other as well as determine if we are a good fit for your needs. This is a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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