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PERAMAN, K. BHADRAYA, Y. PADMANABHA REDDY, C. SURAYAPRAKASH REDDY AND T. LOKESH “ Analytical Quality by Design Approach in RP-HPLC Method Development for the Assay of Etofenamate in Dosage Forms” Indian journal of pharmaceutical sciences. NOV-Dec 2015,77(6) , pps751-757


Ramalingam Peraman, Bhadrayya Kalva, Y. Padmanabha Reddy & Hemraj Sharma “Analytical Quality by Design Approach in Selection of Method Variables for Simultaneous Analysis of Ciprofloxacin and Hydrocortisone by LC Method Using Taguchi Method” Analytical Chemistry letters ISSN: 2229-7928 (Print) 2230-7532 (Online) Journal homepage: Published online: 15 Mar 2016.


Ramalingam Peraman, Kalva Bhadraya, and Yiragamreddy Padmanabha Reddy “Review Article Analytical Quality by Design: A Tool for Regulatory Flexibility and Robust Analytics, Hindawi Publishing Corporation, International Journal of Analytical Chemistry, Volume 2015, Article ID 868727, 9 pages.


Pisipati Aparna, Lyadella Divya, Kalva Bhadrayya, Chavali VS Subrahmanyam. Formulation and in vitro evaluation of carvedilol transdermal delivery system. Tropical J Pharm Res. 2013; 12(4): 461-467.


J.Naveena, Md.Altaf, K.Bhadrayya, G.Reddy “ Selection of medium components by Plackett-Burman design for production of L(+) lactic acid by Lactobacillus acidophilus, GV6 in SSF using wheat bran”. BioResource Technology 96(2005) 485-490PP


J.Naveena, Md.Altaf, K.Bhadrayya, S.S.Madhavendra Gopal Reddy, “ Direct fermentation of starch to L ( + ) Lactic Acid in SSF by lactobacillus amyloid philus GV6 using wheat bran as support and substrate: Medium optimization using RSM” Process Biochemistry 40( 2005) 681-690 pp.


Basa Janakiram Naveena, Mohammad Altaf, Kalva Bhadrayya and Gopal Reddy, “Production of L(+) Lactic acid by Solid-state fermentation”, Food Technol. Biotechnol. 42(3) 147 – 152 (2004).
Bhadrayya, “Process Optimization”, Udyog Pragati, April-June 1986, Pg 10 – 16.

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