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Maschenmarkierer,Frösche,Farbwahl,Handarbeit,Strickzubehör,Stitch marker
Maschenmarkierer,Frösche,Farbwahl,Handarbeit,Strickzubehör,Stitch marker

Sigma Tech

SigmaTech is software for achieving the objectives of QbD. It is useful for designing and building quality into the process using the DOE technique.


Pharma and biotech teams need to be aware of scientific background, new guidelines and evolving technologies. We provide a reader digest approach to complex issues through our training modules.


We have a solid scientific background that enables us to understand your processes, better characterize your products, and achieve process mapping and monitoring, ultimately leading to process control.

About Swaroop Tech

Swaroop Tech Services Pvt. Ltd formerly known as Swaroop Tech Consultancy was established back in the year 1997 in Delhi, India. We are proud to announce that we launched our very first software product (PRO-INVEST) this year.
We started our work by training enthusiastic scientists and engineers in the area of Process development with built-in quality, at the time when the quality initiatives like TQM, TPM, and ISO-9000/1400, etc were at center stage in most of the organizations.


Founded in the year 1997 by a group of experts in quality assurance and control, analytical science, organic chemistry, and process development, Swaroop Tech Consultancy has earned years of experience in training smart minds and creating their software product (PRO-INVEST).


Swaroop Tech Consultancy is actively looking for candidates with a PhD/Masters in Statistics, Chemistry, Synthetic Drugs to come and work with us.


Swaroop Tech Consultancy has published several papers since inception. The papers we publish are in following categories AQbD and QbD.


We Deal With

Swaroop Tech Services Pvt has actively conducted seminars and workshops for the following corporate R&D units of the pharmaceutical industry and professional Institutions and academic level.

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1. Project

Reviewed & Improved yields from 45% to 66%, purity to 95% , reduced impurities in an abandoned project.

2. Project

Chromotography. Optimization of HPLC method for quantification of Etofenamate in dosage forms using Experimental Design

3. Projects

Improved yields from 71% to 88% and reduced impurities.

4. Project

Improved yield from 38% to 60% a standard yield.


Improved yield from 61% to 80% and reduced time cycle by 50% enabling to double the production with the same resources.


Screened the effective process variables from 15 to 5 most effective ones and reduced incubation period from 9 to 5 days , enhancing the production with 30% of resources planned earlier with conventional methods


Swaroop Tech.Consultancy was engaged by many pharma industries and Universities in designing and developing a Right Process at R & D level and also in improving the existing processes. Some such cases have been listed here.

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Swaroop Tech Services Pvt. Ltd formerly known as Swaroop Tech Consultancy was founded in the year 1997 in Delhi, India. It launched its very first software product (PRO-INVEST) in this year

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Hear from our customers

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.
“We have been using the software Sigma Tech provided by your Organization, Swaroop Tech. Consultancy from the year 2009 and found to be very user friendly and useful for the Process development. The flow chart you have provided for use of various modules available in this software is of immense use for us. The more it is used, more of its capabilities are revealed.”- Dr. Mukesh Sharma – Associate Director(Chemical Research – Ranbaxy Ltd R & D,Gurgaon. – 03/06/2011
Ranbaxy Ltd R & D,Gurgaon.
“This is to state that we have been using the software Sigma Tech of Swaroop Tech. Consultancy and found it to be very user friendly. It has been found to be valuable for the process development including Contract Research work. Various modules available in this software have been successfully utilized by us. Our Scientific team has been satisfied with this software.”- Dr.P.G.Rao -Director R & D and QU -DIVI,S LABORATORIES LTD.Hyderabad,India. – 07/06/2011
“The seminar/workshop on “Computer Aided Methods for Development of Robust Process” conducted by you through your software package CADROB is found to be absolutely essential in a scientific endeavor designing to achieve world class processes/products. The participants were thrilled to work on this user friendly, menu driven software which could be used very easily. The active paritcipation of participants for all the three days from 4th December 2001 to 6th December 2001 in our in-house programme on the above subject has opened immense potentialities of application in the development of process/product.”- M. Satyanarayana Reddy
“I am very glad to inform you that the seminar conducted by you on 22.3.95 for our R&D scientists has opened up immense potentialities in the use if the software demonstrated by you. I am sure it will help them to direct the R&D efforts towards effective Management of Resources and in deciding and directing the process investigation for achieving the objective in the shortest possible time.”-C.C.Abraham – Director Hindustan Insecticides Limited.- 25/03/1996
Hindustan Insecticides Limite
“We are very much thankful for conducting a two day on-line Work Shop/Seminar on Computer Aided Quality engineering Methods for Design of Process/Products at ECIL Hyderabad with the help of a software package PRO-INVEST – one in the month of June 2001 and other in the month of July 2001.”- R.V.Amarnath –
“You would be very glad to know that the 3-day program conducted by Shri.K.Bhadrayya on ‘Process optimization through Design of Experiments’ from 26th to 28th December 85, was received well by all the participants. Especially our Scientists from R&D found this statistical technique extremely useful in planning their experiments. Once again we express our sincere thanks for sparing the services of Mr.K.Bhadrayya for organizing this programme at our premises.”- G.Laxminarayana – Manager Management Services. – 04/01/1986
“This is to certify that the dissertation untitled “Empirical Model for Simulation” has been successfully completed by J. Archana Raju (0920-001) of Master of Computer Application prescribed by Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology, Osmania University, Hyderabad. We her by inform you that we have accepted her project work which is carried out during the year 2003-2004 under the supervision and guidance of Mr.K.Bhadrayya, Director, Swaroop Tech. Consultancy, Secunderabad.”- G.V.Anjaneyulu – Chairman. – 21/09/2004
“I am extremely grateful to you for having accepted our invitation to be Head of the Faculty for the Workshop on ‘Computer Aided Quality Engineering Interface with TOM/IOS-9001/14000’ will be held between 11th and 13th May;2000 at University College of Technology, Osmania University, Hyd. I also request you to attend th Inaugural Function of the Workshop on 11-5-2000 t 9.00 A.M., at University College of Technology, Osmania University, Hyderabad.”- S.Venkatshwar
Osmania University
“This is to certify that Mr. K. Bhadrayya, Director SWAROOP TECH. CONSULTANCY had conducted a three day Seminar/Workshop on “Computer Aided Taguchi Methods” with the help of a software PRO-INVEST at R&D Unit of INDIAN OIL CORPORATION LTD., Faridabad from 26/11/98 to 28/11/98 for the Scientists and Engineers of R&D, Quality Assurance, Pilot plant, Process control etc of allied fields. The participants of the programme found these methods with the help of the software PRO-INVEST are very much useful for Process/Product development and Optimization. Different type of case studies were demonstrated with the help of PRO-INVEST which is user friendly.”- Dr. A. K. Gupta
Dr. A. K. Gupta
Mr. K. Bhadrayya, Director SWAROOP TECH. CONSULTANCY has conducted two Seminars/Workshops on “Computer Aided Process investigation & Optimization” with the help of a software PRO-INVEST at INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PETROLEUM, Dehradun- one in the moth of April ’98 and the other in the month of may’ 98- and the Scientists and engineers of R&d, Quality Assurance, Pilot Plant, Process control etc. of varid fields, whosoever have attended it, found it useful for their day to day problem solving. The programme is very useful and the software PRO-INVEST is user friendly which can be used for a number of various types of optimization problems. These who are not aware of statistics or computers, can also make use of this software.”- Dr. S. N. Sharma
Dr. S. N. Sharma
“We are very glad to inform you that the Research Scholar Ms. Naveena has been awarded Doctorate (Ph. D) degree in Microbiology from Osmania University. We are also very much thankful for helping the Research Scholar Naveena in her Biotechnology project “Lactic Acid Production” by fermentation process through your software package SIGMA TECH, in formulating the problem, planning experiments with Screening modules like Placketburmann methods, Taguchi methods etc in identifying the significant factors affecting the process. The application of the software package SIGMA TECH has enabled this research activity of Ms. Naveena to complete the project work on-time successfully.”- Dr. Gopal Reddy
Dr. Gopal Reddy
“We are very much thankful for conducting a three day on “Computer Aided Quality Engineering Interface with ISO-9000/14000″ through your software package PRO-INVEST from 11th May, 2000 to 13th May, 2000 at the university college of Technology, Osmania University, Hyderabad. The software PRO-INVEST was found by the participants as user-friendly which can be used for various types of optimization problems while building the quality into process/products. Those who are not aware of computers and statistics also can make use of this software PRO-INVEST.”- S. Venkateshwar
S. Venkateshwar
“You will be very glad to know that our research scholar, Ms. Saisha Vinjamuri on obtaining th doctorate in Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Engineering, Andhra University in the year 2004, has gone to USA for doing postdoctoral research work. Your guidance to our research scholar, Saisha in her research work entitled. The software has helped in planning experiments with screening modules like Placket Burman methods. There are a number of nutrients to screen like carbon source, nitrogen source and minerals etc. I am very happy that you agreed to teach these methods to my research scholar Shri KVVSN Bapi Raju nd guide his research work through software SIGMATECH which will b starting soon.”- P. Ellaih
P. Ellaih
“We are very much thankful to you for guiding the Research Scholar R. Sreenivas Rao in his Biotechnology project through your software package SIGMA TECH, in formulating the problem, planning experiments with Taguchi method, analyzing the results for optimization etc. This has greatly helped in effective managment of resources at Research Laboratory in terms of time, and materials, equipment, machines, instruments and human resources etc. In many research activities time is one of the most precious and critical resource which needs to be effectively utilized for on-time completion of projects. The application of the software package SIGMA TECH has enabled the research scholar Sreenivas Rao to complete the project work on time successfully.”- L. Venkateshwar Rao
L. Venkateshwar Rao

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Maschenmarkierer,Frösche,Farbwahl,Handarbeit,Strickzubehör,Stitch marker

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